Mobile Treatment

Mobile Services:  Individual, Couples, or Group Services

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Individual and Couples Services:

Bring individual and couple services in house…  The Hartwell Clinic offers one-on-one packaged therapeutic services.  We will tailor these services to your needs and conduct on site. 

3-hour minimum per month
2-hour minimum per visit

Group Services:

Let’s learn from one another!  Group services offer a collaborative growth experience, allowing one to engage, explore, and share, in a safe environment. Even better, in an environment of your choice!  We offer groups for youth, teens, and adults; with focuses such as social media, self-esteem, and anger management. Group Packages are available for 5 to 8-week sessions.

Adult trauma:  This group will focus on trauma psychoeducation, trauma aftermath, coping mechanisms, shame, and gaining the back power necessary to make meaningful and lifelong change.

Self-esteem:  This group will focus on self-exploration, outside influences, positive thinking, and stress management coping skill.

Bullying (children’s): This group will focus on buddy vs bully distinctions, aggressor/aggression behaviors/traits/distinctions, identity emotions, what to do when bullying occurs, and coping.

Anger Management (children’s):  This group will focus on identifying emotions, physical (internal and external) manifestation of those emotions, triggers, and coping skills.

Social Media: “My teen is addicted”:  This group will focus on social media/technology education, technology and the affects that can have on the brain and body, peer pressure, bullying, and interventions.

“IG Famous” (18-27 yrs.):  This group will focus on self-exploration, outside influences, addictions to social media/technology and the affects it has on the brain and body, stress management, intervention, and coping skills. 

 Contact us today for more information on pricing or creating a specialized group for your needs.

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